"Poems from the Heart"
by Armand Cannamela

"You leave the warmth from within and are suddenly thrust out of your security."

A reflection upon life’s peaks and valleys, of love young and old, Cannamela’s compilation uses nostalgia and piercing imagery to remain etched in the audience’s hearts. Though the poems are mostly in free verse and lack any consistent rhyme scheme, their simplicity makes the message of living in life’s moments even stronger. While the poems cover a range of content and themes, the premise central to the work is that time is precious; however, its value is only realized once it slips so far away that no return is in sight. In several poems, the speaker yearns for one more memory, a moment that can endure a lifetime of separation.

In Cannamela’s poetry, one quality that shines through is his ability to illuminate through visuals and perspective, turning even the foulest situation into a manageable one. Specifically, his “Insignificance” is a lesson on perspective. For anyone who simply wants to observe nature’s majesty while being brought back to earth, being enveloped in darkness as the ocean comes rushing at you will certainly have that effect. Similar in imagery, “Insensitive Youth” juxtaposes two drastically different images—a boy, carefree, throwing a stone across the water and a plane crash that kills ninety—to reflect the naive exuberance and invincibility of youth and how this ideal exists in conjunction with dreadful catastrophes. Whether it is the image of a shorn lock of golden hair, a memento of a lost child, or the silence of an empty home, the sharpness of the sensory details not only make this compilation relatable universally but also a meaningful, authentic experience on living life while you can.

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