Poetic Inspirations
by Darron Hurst

"God told me not to worry
But my spirit is crying, “Really?”
Then He said, “Have you forgotten
My Revelation concerning the Lily?"

Poetry comes from deeply held emotions, inspired by moving thoughts or scenes of beauty. So it stands that the Bible holds a wealth of opportunity for the faith-minded poet to put pen to paper and construct verses both powerful and delicate. In this collection of over three dozen poems, the author marries his personal thoughts and feelings with specific biblical quotations that move his soul. Sharing these with the reader creates the chance to make not only an emotional connection but also share spiritual messages rooted deeply in Christianity in a way that is easy to understand and humanize. Each poem is paired with both a selected line of scripture and a short introductory thought, creating fully realized and interpretable messages that give a glimpse into both spirituality and the writer’s point of view.

Taken as just a collection of poems, the level of creativity and rhythm on display is worth the cost of admission alone. However, whenever a writer goes the extra mile to explain their inspirations and muses, it allows for a deeper bond between artist and audience. The selected Bible verses captured above each poem do much to show the direct spark that leads to each poem. The introductory paragraphs are more direct in their explanations and in addressing the reader, and these give the right mindset and a starting point to interpreting each word choice and emotion baked into every poem. Perfect for readers who like to combine their faith with their love of poetry, this collection of poems is confident and vulnerable, painting a realistic picture of the struggles and triumphs of the modern Christian.

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