Poetry to Challenge the Senses
by Donald Elix

"Wisps of strata float aimlessly toward the darkening horizon.
Majestic firs nestle in ebony satin cloaks for nocturnal hiding."

In this brief but memorable collection of poetry, the author begins with an introspective look on what it means to be alive, and to feel kinship with other living things. Using artful metaphors and carefully crafted phrases, readers are taken on a journey that starts from within the poet's own mind and travels out into the real world, stopping in quaint English villages and iconic soccer stadiums. The entire volume feels deeply personal, giving the audience a translated view of one person's perspective on a wealth of subjects. While many of the poems focus on existential issues like meditation, isolation, and self-discovery, there are selections that give the author a platform to declare his romantic love, or to express gratitude for the mother that raised him.

These poems hit the sweet spot of being highly accessible while also employing evocative, imaginative language. The entire book contains just over two dozen poems, so it can be perfect for those who have the desire to read but not the free time to do so. What this book manages to accomplish that so few poetry collections does is approach large, challenging issues but open them up to an audience in a way that requires only an open mind rather than a thesaurus. Stylistically, the author uses a more classical approach compared to more modern poetry, giving purists something new to discover without losing a sense of familiarity that comes with appreciating the greats. For an exercise in imagination and visualization, this book offers a short yet satisfying trip.

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