Point of Reference
by R.B. Seals
Trafford Publishing

"No matter the whereabouts
It's indeed Nature's way
To Provide rest and respite
From the human sway."

Poetry is the art of exploration, and few compilations are as thorough and encompassing as Point of Reference. Seals shares thoughts on just about everything, but the most intriguing poems are those where he digs deeper on topics that humanity is so afraid to look in the eye. For instance, "Dispensation," juxtaposes the idea and sensitivity to death with "feel alive" moments like listening to jazz, peering into the night sky, or listening to the cry of a newborn. Throughout, the one constant is the reference to nature. Whether it is admiring the way Farmer Fred, the embodiment of every farmer, runs the farm in "Grazeland" or understanding the inborn natural talents of the spirit in "Natural Resource," Seals never ceases to impress with his understanding and utilization of rhythm and rhyme. Poems such as "Heartstring" deliver an almost musical feel or trance.

More than anything else, Point of Reference features meaningful thoughts on subjects that readers will instantly relate to. Seals depicts tense issues such as abortion and domestic abuse in poems like "Allegiance," and "Casualty of War," while "Full Circle" describes a son's desire, despite his many failures, to please his father. Overall, Seals poetry is infused with vivid imagery, including, but not limited to images of a "fervent flame," "chirping vivid vocals," and a "craggy creature on furrowed field." This collection offers evergreen content that would have been relevant decades ago and will be relevant decades from now. Without a doubt, this is a must read that will likely be a source for healthy discussions in society.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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