Poker Tells Bible
by Dutch Saunders
Saunders Publishing

"Relying on luck of the draw alone, will never afford you the possibility of becoming a consistent winner."

One's mannerisms, gestures, and movements give away what and how an individual is thinking. The ability to analyze and translate these "tells" can yield prosperous results; however, few take the time to do so. In Poker Tells Bible, Dutch Saunders combines forty-four years of life and poker playing experience to provide readers with an all-inclusive guide to the myriad human triggers that signify various emotions and positions, including, but not limited to strength, weakness, excitement, frustration, doubt, and anger.

Poker and life share the bond of human psychology: to be successful in either case, it is imperative to understand the way your competition thinks. Conjure the image of sitting on a poker table for hours, aimlessly staring into space while others around you are collecting monster pot after monster pot. When you bluff, the other players seem to jump on it immediately as though they know which two cards you're holding. Poker Tells Bible will help you understand that rubbing you're forehead when you have a bad hand is a sign of extreme weakness. Sudden movements of the pupil, especially upon seeing your hand also give away your excitement or disappointment with the hand. From the muscle tension of your face to the way you wrap your foot around the chair, the poker player emits tell after tell, often unknowingly—and almost always escapes without consequence.

Close to one hundred fifty interpretations of movements makes this book the most comprehensive for poker aficionados. While most books focus on odds and the luck of the draw, Saunders emphasizes behavior and psychology, the primary skill needed to be a consistently successful poker player over the long haul. Additionally, the author has a section dedicated to direct poker tips, such as not playing every hand, and a page of notes for online poker players. Overall, both poker players and readers who are interested in human behavior will find Poker Tells Bible to be a useful resource.

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