"May all of your days and nights resemble popping corn, Bright, cheerful and full of wonderful mouth-watering flavor."

An author of motivational books and proponent of education, Podojil combines his love of popcorn with his passion for inspiring children to learn in this volume that is both informative and entertaining. Podojil begins by providing readers with basic facts about this salty snack, briefly exploring the various types of kernels as well as the science behind what makes this particular type of corn pop. The chapters that follow provide greater detail on the history of popcorn, several mechanical innovations that forever changed the way popcorn is made, and a wealth of Native American folklore surrounding this tasty and versatile treat. Readers will also find information on surprising attractions devoted entirely to popcorn as well as fun popcorn trivia. After providing this rich foundation of popcorn knowledge, Podojil goes on to describe practical applications for the classroom by including detailed lessons and activities for a variety of subjects and age groups. Finally, this unique popcorn guide reveals various recipes for not only the familiar varieties of candied popcorn or savory flavorings, but several unexpected culinary treats as well, such as "Popcorn Soup" and "Popcorn Diner Meatloaf."

This multifaceted popcorn guide is useful for not only popcorn aficionados, but parents, educators, and home cooks alike. Intuitively laid out, this volume provides a wealth of knowledge on the history, science, economics, and culture surrounding this popular treat. And perhaps best of all, popcorns lovers will be happy to find over eighty easy-to-follow, diverse recipes that are sure to please the most discerning popcorn fan.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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