Preacher with a Pen
by Garfield Gordon

"Know that while wearing this mortal tent
You're living on the edge of Eternity."

William Cowper’s Christian hymn in 1773, “God moves in a mysterious way,” is a testament to Gordon’s life, a journey that started in the light of God and spiraled into the depths of such darkness that a return to the light seemed impossible. In this poetry compilation, Gordon extends the warm embrace of the light and Christ, demonstrating that stumbling rudderless through life, blind, and unfulfilled, is not a fate the Lord plans for any of His children.

Throughout Gordon’s poetry, he annotates the scripture that inspired that particular poem. Diving into topics like pride and betrayal with stories of Satan and Judas, Gordon seamlessly connects with faith-based aficionados. Nevertheless, love is at the core of the poetry compilation, whether it is through a belief in God’s word, prayer, or action. Unconditional love, Gordon states with conviction, is the only exit from perennially traveling on sin’s highway. Through the poetry, readers will gain exposure to faith, particularly the monumental moments in Christianity, such as Christ’s sacrifice for mankind, in a simple, narrative verse combined with strong imagery. In particular, “The Fathers Love” depicts Satan as a ruler of this world who will soon be shackled in chains, and “Complete” portrays how those who give themselves to Christ are sheep among wolves, preyed upon by deceit, temptation, and all manners of sin. Regardless, those who find God’s love will bask in salvation.

Faith-based poetry is not a new occurrence; however, seeing the transformation from light to darkness as the poet has undergone truly speaks to the power of faith. Poems like “The Way” and “Nothing In My Hand” are genuine demarcations of Gordon’s new manifestation in God’s light and love. Overall, the combination of the poet’s journey and the narrative style of poetry makes for a meaningful read.

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