The Price of Gilt
by Patrick M. Garry
Kenric Books

"It's your noble sense of guilt–a guilt you feel toward people who you don't even know. Funny thing is, I've never seen you feel guilty for something that's really your fault."

Garry's latest novel describes in riveting fashion just how guilt can destroy a man's life. Thomas Walsh, a prominent attorney, is stuck in a suffering marriage and recovering from a failed political campaign. Grudgingly, he agrees to attend his 25th high school reunion. Unfortunately, the reunion is anything but a joyous event. Walsh is quickly reminded of his part in the events that led to classmate Donovan Killerman becoming blind and orphaned.

Walsh's desire for redemption leads him to Killerman's struggling fishing resort. However, Walsh doesn't want Killerman to know it's him and checks in using his wife's maiden name. He quickly learns the resort is awash in legal and financial problems and his strong sense of guilt becomes overpowering. Walsh's strong desire to help Killerman trumps everything. It all seems innocent enough. Killerman asks him to fish, review invoices, and look over condemnation papers.   Then, Killerman asks him to steal money from a pair of resort guests. Walsh agrees and his unraveling begins. Nothing, no matter how risky, will stop Walsh from helping Killerman.

Fast-paced narration, smooth dialogue, and richly developed characters create an action packed plot. Garry's use of flashbacks to narrate Walsh's demise engages readers to keep turning the pages. This novel isn't just a thriller, but a cautionary tale of guilt, hubris, and the blinding drive for redemption. Readers will be able to suspect the final outcome, but Walsh never will.

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