The Principles of Synergism
by Jeffrey A. Richards
Trafford Publishing

"No time for love? So, who's on your team?"

Do you participate in a team for your company or church? Is that team effective in achieving or exceeding its goals? Or does it struggle with a spirit of hopelessness because of lost faith in management? Team leaders and members can discover a fresh outlook—a renewal—within Jeffrey Richard's book. Richards starts by unlocking the Greek meaning of the word, Synergism. He explains that the early Christian church applied it to a blasphemous doctrine that arose years after the first apostles died. Ironically, the word used to describe church division has resurfaced in our time to identify a united company team.

What is synergism? It is greater than friendship or partnership. Yet like these relationships, attitude precedes actions. What are some costs of synergism? Love, respect, and trust among team members result in cheerful giving in order to accomplish a unified purpose. The opposite attitudes of pride, anger, and disappointment will defeat team efforts. The really good math of synergism is that one plus one can be much greater than two (1+1>2).

Richards has managed Research and Development projects in the Pharmaceutical industry since 1975. He provides words, graphics, and appendices full of inspiration and solutions to train and achieve synergism in any team. Addressed to leaders, there are a hundred pages that include such examples of uncommon advice: Blame yourself first for mistakes. Share rewards with your team even if you have to give out of your own pocketbook. Both team leaders and members will find small, polished gems of wisdom, written in the Emersonian style and scattered profusely throughout 562 pages. A summary at the end of the book provides an illustrative example of how to teach synergism to leaders of your company or church.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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