Principles of Christian Marriage and Family Life
by Akinbowale Isaac Adewumi

"Maturity is the key factor in the success or demise of marriage relationships."

This handbook on Christian marriage and family life has been prayerfully written with a burden for young people, especially engaged and newly married couples. Since choosing a marriage companion is too serious a venture for immature minds, the author offers advice on discovering God’s will in marriage. Importantly, he explains the differences between gaining spiritual wisdom from dreams, visions, and trances. A person should be careful when seeing someone’s face pop into his or her mind; it can prove embarrassing if that person does not share one's feelings. The author gives some dos and don’ts while waiting for a mate. The single person does need patience to retain personal peace and purity and to prepare for married life. The don’ts instruct a single person who they should not marry: a divorcee who has a living spouse; a next of kin; an unbeliever. Other areas discussed are setting family goals, being in partnership with your spouse, and the consequences of breaking covenant/marriage vows.

Adewumi’s life experiences help inform his work. He is married with three children and has known and served Jesus for more than three decades. His family resides in Ontario, Canada, having immigrated to North America in 2010. He offers some intriguing insight on marriage from other cultures, like negotiating the bride’s price and Middle Easterners’ emphasis on female virginity. The author is unafraid to point out possible attacks on Christian couples. To help his readers overcome such interference, each section is expanded upon with a carefully chosen quote from the KJV Bible. Parents of dating children will learn how to guide them with spiritual wisdom that they may not have known themselves when young.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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