Project Revenant
by Laurence Drexel, Jr.
Page Publishing

"They may even reanimate and join the ranks of the living dead, forever wandering the world, a soulless husk."

At times meticulous and at times action-packed, Project Revenant examines the chaos of a zombie apocalypse in both writing style and action. Lawrence and his wife Lisa, both retired government agents from the UDIR, find themselves in the midst of what appears to be a zombie apocalypse. Neither is aware of the origin of this infection, and it builds swiftly from a “minor outbreak” into a full-blown international emergency. Lawrence and Lisa choose to come out of retirement in order to address this outbreak and identify its cause. From the quiet streets of a New Jersey town to the cold outreach of a base in Greenland, the main characters encounter hordes of these infected people as they try to find the origin.

There are times when the dialogue and events of the story feel rushed. Drexel has intimate connections with military actions and environments, and the story contains details related to the machinations of the characters as they investigate this apocalyptic scenario. This gives a realistic feel to those parts of the story, as military personnel engage the zombie apocalypse, making the text more military-focused and submerging the reader into the war milieu. This is certainly a good book for fans of the "Zombie Apocalypse" scenario—building up with a believable premise as to why this infection is so wide spread and moving so quickly through humanity and followed-up by its determined prosecution.

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