Psalm 32: The Joy of Forgiving
by Amanda Lamb
LitFire Publishing

"I wanted this curse to be broken. My daughters deserve so much better than this generational curse that they were born into."

The author’s paternal family was cursed by alcohol for generations. Her father was a decent man until drunk; then he took his anger out on his two teenage sons. A punch to the face was the greeting between her uncles and was also her father’s challenge to her brothers. The author, as an eight-year-old, would place a Bible under her pillow for safety, having heard that Jesus would care for her. Her father’s verbal abuse included calling her stupid. She began to drink to hide her pain. The tragic shooting death of her oldest brother at twenty-four rocked her whole family. Her father also died of lung cancer.

Seeking help to understand her dysfunction, the author turned to a Christian counselor. Recognizing the generational curse that was affecting her family, she read online about a forty-day fast to remove such curses. The day after her forty-first birthday, Lamb began a short water/juice fast then switched to a long-term fast that denied meat, alcohol, and milk. The last half of the book documents her Christian pathway during and after this fast.

This 138-page book serves as both the author’s poignant memoir and a testament of how her life changed after she in decided in mid-life to fast. A long-standing religious approach to resolving crises, fasting has lately become a popular topic with keto diets in vogue. Readers should find of special interest Lamb’s description of those forty days. The author shares with her readers a love for discovering treasured verses in the Bible, considering it almost like an Easter egg hunt. Her insights about a heavenly Father who has adopted her as one of His children should offer hope to any who likewise have endured family abuse.

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