by Ilyannie T.G.

"Rohan pushed himself up on father and we started to set off!"

From the first page with it's loving dedication to the author's grandfather to the conclusion with its themes of freedom and courage, this wonderful children's story will have readers enthralled. In less than thirty pages, the author has managed to tell a charming and captivating story. Each lovely illustration commends itself to the text and helps define the animal characters.

While the animals have, as is custom, elements of humanity about them, they are also fully formed characters that are written believably. The family dynamic and relationships with other animals are accessible and inviting. The dialogue is not self-important and doesn't pull away from the narrative or bring down the pace. Instead, it all works well and allows the general loving quality of the two main characters to shine out. The kindness the humans give to the horses is echoed by the respect the animals afford their masters.

It's always a challenge for a writer to present an engaging and likable main protagonist. But imagine having to do it for a main character that is a horse. It is not an easy task, and yet it is accomplished here with graceful elegance. When you add in the fact that the book's author is just seven years old, it makes this achievement all the more astonishing. The best qualities of children's stories are all present in this story: the morals, the interplay among friends, the closeness of family, the uncertainty of the future, and the strength of friendship. The author's love of horses and her youthful enthusiasm allow this story to stand out among its competitors.

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