The Quartet
by Pamela Joan Barlow

"'We four stick together come hell or heaven forever, until eternity.' Young six year old Stuart Thant Gage III, had announced"

In a ritual as old as humanity itself, four young boys make the pact of "Blood Brothers" to strengthen their bond. As they grow into men who lead highly productive but different lives, they still manage to come together and strengthen their connection. When tragedy strikes the good child of one of the blood brothers, this quartet of close knit and highly intelligent men come together for the common cause. Their resolve grows stronger, until members of the Quartet become nearly obsessed with finding the person responsible for this horrendous crime. As time moves on, it can be difficult to judge whether this common interest can truly bring the brothers together or once and for all drive a wedge into a blood pact originally forged between their ancestors.

"All for one and one for all." Young six-year-old Thomas Edison Sawyer III had quoted from his favorite fantasy adventure fiction book, The Three Musketeers.

Though all remain driven by a common bond, trying to believe this tragic story can have something other than an extremely unhappy ending drives this clan of friends to some extremes, emotionally and otherwise. Once the alleged killer is in their sights, nothing can stop them all from running down this murderer and serving due justice.

Barlow takes readers on a ride through an incredible adventure that tests the strength of an ancestral bond. The intriguing twist and turns will captivate readers and leave them quickly waiting for the next turn of the page. With a compelling writing style and full-on action and emotion, The Quartet begs for another installment about this driven crew of blood-bonded intelligent and true gentlemen.

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