Quiet Sheba: Volume II
by Elizabeth Clayton
Trafford Publishing

"What pleasure in their expectation;
the waiting heart is a noble ledger,
as Judah knew of her own in her captivity."

When faced with a series of emotional and physical challenges in her life, the author of this collection of poems turned to the written word for peace of mind and strength. The poetry in this volume is often focused on the beauty of life, but comes tinged with a degree of sadness as well. The selections are broken up into three major themes. First are poems about nature, often focusing on natural wonder, while also giving consideration to how fragile it can be in the changing of seasons or beyond. Second are works about solitude, landing frequently on the grief that comes with an empty house after the passing of a loved one. Finally there are verses that offer the poet's perspectives on life and a reflection of her experiences.

Many of the poems in this volume include a brief note per page that give some insight directly from the author. This small touch makes this printed book feel more like a found journal and adds emotional clarity to what is written in each poem. Lovers of language as a high art will be enthralled not only with the size of this collection but the regularity in which the poet creates images that are positively stirring yet uniquely specific to her perspective and her style. Several poems are also prefaced by pieces of original artwork, such as small keepsakes and paintings created by the author, serving as visual companions that inspire the reader to enter a poem with a specific mindset. This volume is a complete package, offering an inspiring tale of perseverance wrapped up in masterfully written verse. For readers and lovers of poetry, this is a book not to be missed.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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