Rainbow Angel Earns Wings
by M. Michaelides

"Suddenly all the patches of wildflowers began to sing! Anthea smiled, delighted to witness this flower talk. The flowers sounded as lovely as they looked."

In a mythical land known as Fos, the king and queen decide to spread the qualities that make their land so wonderful with the other people of the world. Summoning all of the children of Fos to the palace, King Savitar and Queen Sofia send their children away to distant lands in order to teach others about unconditional love and kindness. Traveling via magical rainbow, Anthea is one of the children of Fos who arrive in Talia, a garden world. Here, Anthea meets friends like Zoë the sunflower, Astrid the flame lily, Mr. Eagle, Miss Dove, and Grace, an orchid that records the history of Talia. As Anthea and Zoë travel through the garden, they are tasked with inviting everyone to Grace’s party held in honor of the autistic children of Talia.

Featuring gorgeous, full-color, full-page illustrations and over a dozen chapters, the peaceful aura that this book provides is perfect for inspiring young children to have wondrous dreams. There is a constant message of patience, understanding, and love throughout this story as Anthea and Zoë encounter the residents of Talia and help them resolve conflicts. Anthea spreads her doctrine of unconditional love not by preaching or explanations but by offering help and letting her new friends come to the realization of what they need on their own. This conveys good messages about joy, how to share it, and how to communicate with others patiently. The amazing worlds of Fos and Talia with their magic, angels, and talking plants and animals will captivate the minds of children and open them to the messages of tolerance and love written in this joyous story.

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