by Lexington Justice

"Then out of nowhere, someone reenters my life, and he makes me think and feel like I know I should."

On the same day Stefani Tanner is fired from her company after a corporate acquisition shakes things up, she also discovers her husband has been having an affair with one of her best friends. But Stefani’s worst day ever turns out to be the catalyst that leads her to a whole new life and love with a man from her past.

Stefani’s new destiny unfolds when she returns to the place she grew up to stay with her parents while she sorts through the catastrophe of her life. Here she connects with a mysterious benefactor who provides financial freedom in the wake of her crumbling marriage. The benefactor turns out to be a person who seems to offer a lovely fairy tale romance in marked contrast to the life she has had with her husband, but just when she begins anew, tragedy strikes.

In the romantic tradition of Nicholas Sparks, Justice sets Stefani at a crossroads that requires her to make choices about the kind of life she wants to lead. He crafts a story of renewal and heartbreak and probes the impact of major and minor events on a life’s trajectory. The author writes scenes of tenderness and bright moments of revelation as Stefani comes to terms with her new circumstances and the possibilities of a deeper love than she has ever known. This heartfelt story of finding your own way when life redirects your course makes for a great summer beach read. Rich with emotion and conflict, the bittersweet plot does not disappoint.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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