by Traci Lynne

"...you never know the love of a parent until you become one."

The story revolves around a spoiled rich girl who gradually matures into a feeling, compassionate person after getting involved with a man who works hard, has a strong sense of integrity and pride, and values things that cost nothing. The plot keeps thickening when they discover their parents' pasts and how entwined they were, even before knowing one another.

Any reader in a relationship, wanting a relationship, or looking back on one, will likely agree that this story depicts one accurately. There is drama, warmth, lust, and passion. Romance fans especially will enjoy meeting Darcy and Victor and learn to truly appreciate rainfall in Lynne's tale. But like any good novel, there is more than just a story here. The author describes rain as something pure and simple and wonderful. Many people dread a rainy day and miss out on its simple cleansing, wonderful smell, and natural wonder. However, Victor says to appreciate the free things, including simple rain: "I love the rain... I believe... it's the sky crying.... The sky cries for me... and through her tears it creates new life and new growth. It's a healing process."

Lynne is obviously a talented writer, and her characters are developed masterfully. Good characters always come across as real, relatable, and sympathy-provoking. To create them, a competent writer uses dialogue and makes the fictional characters multidimensional. After all, no real person is all good or all evil. In keeping with this, This author's characters are all well rounded, and after finishing the book, readers will undoubtedly miss them. Lynne has a great imagination. The twists in the story are unexpected, and her book is a fast-paced, perfect beach read. Those looking for a new and talented romance author need to look no farther.

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