Random Acts of Writing
by Mark J. Molldrem

"What you are about to venture forth in reading is not meant to be a page-turner (as in a great detective or romance novel), but a page-stopper..."

In a 126-page book that meets the author’s definition of being a “page-stopper,” this work examines the basic definition of each month followed by questions for personal examination. These questions revolve around each of the four essays that follow, with questions such as, “How does your lifestyle promote peace in your community?” and “What parables of life do you read in the changing colors, the cooling clime, and the falling leaves?” The four essays focus on a variety of topics. They examine history, science, sci-fi, and spirituality with quotes from the prophetic to the inane (such as a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon) and from philosophers to artists. It includes stories of others as well as information from Islam, Judaism, Christianity and humanistic beliefs. A few of the most interesting topics include “Reading the Tides”—which is about the ebb and flow of life—“The Names of God,” and “Prescription for World Health.”

In a lovely little book, the author demonstrates his compassion for life. While the essays are usually only one to two pages in length, they pack a lot of information, and as he notes, should be questioned and explored in “wonder.” For the book is about awe and wonder, the good and the bad and everything in-between, happiness and sorrow, gratitude and healing. There is a depth to the writing, a spiritual examination of both immanence and transcendence, with an insightful look at the world. Even if you might not agree with everything that is explored, your eyes and your heart will be opened through the simplicity of the words. Your beliefs may be challenged, or they may be validated, but always you will “pause and reflect” through this journey.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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