Ready or Not Here I Come
by Gwendolyn R Gathers
Trafford Publishing

"It's going to take being born again and a whole lot more in order for you to go to heaven. Salvation is free, but to keep it yu [you] have to pay a price called sacrifice."

This is more or less a written transcript of a young evangelist's first preached sermon regarding the second coming of the Lord. It provides traditional scriptural direction for getting oneself in order to be taken home with Jesus. The book begins with a seven verse reprint from the bible's book of Revelation, before launching into the heart of the sermon, which takes readers through a list of do's and don'ts towards the common goal of salvation. It continually interjects the one liner reflective of its title, "Ready or Not Here I Come," as a battle cry for the words contained therein and likens such coming to a game of hide and seek in which the "hider" can't possibly succeed.

The text is written in a short sentence speaking fashion and lacks the traditional literally paragraph structure making it a quick but sometimes jumpy read. It contains direct scriptural quotes, but also gives an explanation of both meaning and application of such so that they are easily digestible. It addresses real world issues that people may find themselves struggling with on a daily basis and gives encouragement and advice for living right in preparation for the end of days. It is easy to read in light of the difficult subject matter and historical writings of scripture and would be appropriate for all audiences regardless of the amount of time they've spent embracing Christian learning. It addresses some unpopular subjects such as homosexuality and adultery but does so with gentleness backed by referenced scripture.

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