Rescue Your Happiness
by Denisse Troconis Aoun and Mara Salas
Trafford Publishing

"Visualization plays a vital role to achieve your success. When you watch yourself continuously possessing your goals, your unconscious mind searches the ways to make it come true."

This is a simple and easy to follow guidebook to survival after a divorce or separation. Its aim is to help the reader rebuild his or her life no matter how desperate things may initially seem. To help those suffering from depression and insecurity after a break-up, Aoun and Salas open the book with uplifting chapters that provide affirmations of life, in order to banish residues of guilt, fear, blame and anger that may be left over from the broken relationship. The authors explain how these negative emotions can prevent healing and show how to overcome such obstacles.

For divorcing parents, the authors explain the emotional turmoil that affects children during familial separations, and how this often causes children to blame themselves for the breakup of their home. There is an array of helpful advice on how to reassure children during these times; each section relating to specific age groups. These helpful pointers show how to maintain stability and routine, how to ensure that children know that they are loved by both parents and the importance of allowing them time with both parents although they are now apart. The book closes on a positive note with a further selection of daily affirmations to help you maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Although the language is often stilted, the sentiments are heartfelt and the advice is right on the mark. This book is for anyone who has had a recent separation and needs some reassurance that they and their family can move on and affirmations to help them on their way.

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