"...Jesus’s resurrection became well-known and accepted by many within this small community at that time."

Lawyer and educator Otto applies his notable skills to present proof of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth after his death at the hands of the Romans. Otto begins with corroborations found in the Old Testament. Perhaps most compelling is the story of Abraham, from whom Jesus was descended, ordered by God to sacrifice his son Isaac. The author examines in detail the circumstances of Jesus’s death, demonstrating that with the punishments he suffered, medical science indicates he would surely have died during the crucifixion. Otto depicts the events in and around the tomb where Jesus was laid. Those who entered after their master had left found a neatly folded napkin and unsullied cloth used in burial. Would thieves of the body attend to such details? Many saw Jesus after his resurrection. Despite persecution by Roman rulers, followers gradually spread word of his life and teaching across the known world until Christianity became the state religion of Rome itself.

Otto, who has a distinguished history in the legal profession that includes a professorship at West Point, is highly qualified to approach this subject with credibility. In evidence of his central assertion—that the resurrection happened just as biblically set forth—Otto cites numerous links to historical events from the era of Jesus’s life to present times. He includes the nationhood of Israel, 9/11, and the COVID-19 phenomenon to assay predictions of future apocalyptic occurrences. His sincere conviction is that, as Jesus taught, we all fall short of perfection, need God’s help, and will receive it if we have faith. We will need that faith for the end times that are foreseen. With logic and intelligence, Otto has constructed a thesis that bears thoughtful consideration by anyone studying the historical accuracy, as well as the possible future, of the Christian faith.

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