"I hope to give answers to those in this life that, through orthodox methods, find answers to the meaning and occurrences in your and my life."

The author of this unusual testimonial, Edward K. Micheal, is an Englishman who describes the distressing and sometimes chaotic events of his life in harrowing detail. He has experienced both the highest sense of spiritual involvement and fulfillment, as well as the lowest torment of destructive drug addiction. His book begins with a boyhood memory of inscribing three symbols on a bridge: time, defense, and sex. Later he came to understand that the message of these words was a warning for him to avoid the entrapments of sexual activity.

Falling into sex and then drug abuse, Micheal struggled with addiction. For a while, living with a Christian family, he improved his diet, prayed, meditated, and would even walk for many hours a day to induce exhaustion and take away the desire for drugs. Periodically he would backslide. His spiritual/supernatural experiences have included a sense of coldness that affected his body when having sex and, while in prison, a distinct impression of having a "cylinder" placed within his body as he lay in bed, linked to his "chakra centers." He has often had visions, significant dreams, and small revelations regarding the presence of God and the meaning of life.

Micheal's book ends with his resolution to write what he has experienced, for the guidance of others. He sometimes warns the reader against putting too much faith in science. His personal religion is based on Biblical teaching, but not on any established sect. Though he writes with sincere intent, his spelling is highly irregular by employing a personal letter format, his story line is difficult to follow, and the connection between the narrative and the book's title is unclear. Intended for a readership that appreciates a mix of speculation with their spirituality, Revelation CH:25 is the memoir of a committed, if at times perplexed, spiritual aspirant.

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