"Anyone who is a seeker of the Spirit, and who thinks beyond the here and now of everyday life, occasionally comes into contact with something beyond. This is what happened to a small group of people in Latvia before World War II. They started receiving messages that touched on many mysteries of life, creation, and meaning, then faithfully wrote them down."

This channeled book offers another view into the mysteries of the spiritual realms of existence. It is the "Almighty's" word to the people of the Earth, given to "heralds" (ordinary human beings). These heralds wrote down the words of the numerous spirits who offered their wisdom in order to help humankind to grow into divinity. In this epic translation of 491 pages, the 26 chapters are categorized by years, beginning in 1943 and ending in 1970. Numerous spirits parlayed the spiritual tidings regarding the Almighty and the Almighty's two spirits, God and Satan. While one may believe this is a fundamentalist viewpoint, it is not, for this text is about exploring all the envoys such as Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Zoroaster, and Confucius, with the focus on the need of humanity to bring hope and compassion within a new religion. However, this new religion is based on Christ's teachings, with a focus on how the Church, priests, and Christians have bastardized these teachings and how the new religion must focus on deeds, not words and prayers.

Whether or not one believes in channeled information, this text is another exemplary missive regarding the realms of the spirit, meant for those who are seeking another look into the creation story. It is reminiscent of the works of The Course in Miracles as well as the Conversation with God series. It is not for those whose minds are closed to the spirits that are here to guide us, nor is it meant to be perused as a light-hearted beginning into the fascinating world of mystery. This is a serious, beautifully written book with teaching stories and a depth of prose not found in the new age texts of today. It may be mind-boggling and slam the reader with it's focus on the inaccuracies of the Scriptures and the Church teachings, it may be deemed heretical, but it will never be boring or trivial. This is a must-read for those who continue to question the creation stories and who want to grow on their path of spirituality and into the realm of mysticism.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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