Rise of the Good Wolf
by Kelly Pellatt
Good Wolf Publishing

"If we are negative towards our Self we give permission to others to be negative toward us too. When people respond to our negativity with a loving heart, they reflect Truth back to us."

In the folktale "The Good Wolf and the Bad Wolf," an American Indian grandfather tells his grandson about how everyone has a good wolf and a bad wolf who live inside them. When asked which one of them is the more powerful of the two, the grandfather wisely replies that "the stronger wolf is the one we choose to feed." Pellatt, a Canadian therapist who works in the field of adult mental health, has brought this philosophy, which has guided much of her life and work, to the pages of her highly readable book.

While Pellatt's emphasis frequently revolves around the concepts of developing a strong sense of self that can remain positive despite the negativity that might surround it, she also spends a great deal of time embracing the belief that doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is the best way to live and thrive in the world. She supports her views with a wide range of illustrations both from history and personal experience. For example, she recalls the strength of Anne Morrow Lindbergh who despite experiencing great personal tragedy through the murder of her young son was able to rise from the ashes of that event and help others through her inspirational writings. The author is also unafraid to bare her own failures to her audience as in her embarrassed recollection of how she joined in with the unkind laughter of others when a young man she had befriended on a bus had his gerbils accidentally get loose.

Like a good teacher or speaker, Pellatt's strength lies in her ability to be transparent and real. And like the best orators, she is quick to support her points with applicable stories. The result is an encouraging and well-written book filled with hope.

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