River Bones
by Mary Deal

"He didn't intend to do you in though. At least not last night."

A serial killer on the loose is not of much concern to Sara Mason when she returns to her hometown in the California Sacramento River area. Whether there on a quest for revenge or the healing of old wounds, Sara soon finds the renewed friendship with Daphne, meeting eccentric Esmerelda, renovating her Talbot House, and cautiously allowing a special man into her life, may be more productive than righting old wrongs.

Then, Sara and an old friend are drugged. Pierce remains in a coma, suspected of being the killer. The next morning, searching for her missing dogs, Sara finds them unearthing human bones along the river bank. Suddenly, old bones and new begin to pop up all around her.

Are the local cops doing all they can to find the criminal? Why does Tripp, Esmerelda's groundskeeper, give everyone the willies? Is the attraction between Sara and Huxley a lasting one? Or what if her feelings have been perpetuated by a clever killer as a way to hide his crimes? These questions will be addressed in this quick-paced novel as Sara discovers clues to the killer and seeks her own answers to the mysteries of life.

Mary Deal offers a thrilling mystery while documenting the history and lives of people who call the California Delta home. The author has created a believable story of old wounds and the power of healing through friendships and love, while uncovering the truth about these crimes of passion at the riveting end.

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