Road to Omalos
by Marilyn Jax
Beaver's Pond Press

"As they walked across the lobby, the two investigators failed to notice a man sitting in that area observing their every move."

In this sequel to Jax's highly acclaimed novel "The Find," veteran investigator Claire Caswell and her long time partner, former State Attorney Gaston Guy Lombard, once again find themselves at the epicenter of a perilous mystery. Having established a successful private investigation firm in the heart of sultry Miami Beach, the two sleuths are adept at solving the bevy of intricate cases that come across their desks.

When an armed lunatic threatens them at gunpoint then implores them to travel to Greece to retrieve the vicious fugitive responsible for the deaths of his son and wife, the investigative team feels obligated to bring the fiend to justice. Traveling to the island of Crete, the duo quickly discovers that finding their notorious and much feared charge is more difficult than they suspected. What the pair doesn't expect is that they are not the only ones hunting their elusive target; a secret society of calculating men is seeking to exact their own brand of justice. The question is who will find George Zenonakis first.

Jax expertly weaves this gripping narrative from the opening paragraph. As both heroes and lovers, Claire and Guy have a charming rapport. As investigators they are knowledgeable, scrupulous and engaging, earning compassion and garnering support as they traverse the plot's complex topography. The author's extensive knowledge of Crete—the history, the land, the customs, and local cuisine—lends authority to an already lush landscape. Jax's meticulously drawn details entice and enthrall, consistently employing the five senses to bring her literary vision vividly to life. Vibrantly depicted characters often struggle with conscience as they vacillate between virtue and obligation, in an array of interlacing subplots that serve to enhance this spellbinding tale of justice, vengeance, and vigilantism.

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