"We, the Owls, are the Silent Watchers of the World. We watch, we listen, and we learn—this is our greatest responsibility, and the source of our wisdom."

When Adelaine Margery Josephine Ida Hilda-Ann Mutters receives a letter one afternoon postmarked "private" and adorned with piercing owl-like eyes, little does the humble woman know her entire world is about to change. Summoned to meet a Mr. Sidney Snog concerning the death of her Uncle Jack—and her inheritance of an entire existence on the famed but little-understood Rooke's Island—it's not long before her newfound role within a wonderfully elaborate underworld of Owls begins to bear fruit. A 2,000-year-old prophecy which will bring about the new Owl King depends decidedly on her involvement and portends an extraordinary series of events to unfold in the life of Margery, with close friendships made along the way and no shortage of delightful adventure.

Whalen's owl-themed creation is a joy to read. The adventures the reader takes with Margery, and the incredible characters she encounters, amount to unparalleled, pure escapism. From the outset, this book is hard to put down. Readers are introduced to the quiet, garden-tending protagonist and the entire tangled and tunneled worlds of exciting, humorous adventure captured in Whalen's tale. Though aimed primarily at an audience of young adult readers, this fantasy novel could easily and enthusiastically be shared between family members, including parents and grandparents. Sinking deeper and deeper into the addictive story, Whalen proves herself to be a master storyteller. The "Who's Whoo" section included at the end is a wonderful touch. It showcases a sampling of the owl figurines—made from various materials and representing a motley assortment of styles—which served as inspiration for the wise, wide-eyed creatures who magically inhabit the pages of this book.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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