Run: Your Personal Guide to Winning Public Office
by Senator Marian Walsh
Grand Cove Publishing

"Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams – experienced a day in their lives when they stopped complaining... It's in our DNA as a nation to make changes..."

Whether you are called to run for office or simply wish to support a candidate by donating funds and time or by posting a sign on your lawn–Run can help you become a motivated citizen. Many people see politics as a complicated maze. Walsh's advice is to start with the issue that matters to you. Learn the law involved and investigate opposing viewpoints.

As a novice she did so and won her first campaign, never losing an election throughout her political career. Walsh shares firsthand knowledge of what is needed to prepare for candidacy, create voter lists, utilize polls, and host a variety of "meet-n-greets." She urges candidates to go where the people are. Door-to-door is the place to start, especially for anyone unknown to potential constituents. Then attend events such as for seniors and veterans, show up at parades, and give speeches. Encourage supporters to get involved in the campaign by hosting coffee hours, making phone calls, or becoming a poll checker.

Walsh wishes to inspire readers to personally treasure the gift of "Freedom of Speech," evidenced by placing the well-known Normal Rockwell painting on her book's cover. More than that, the Foreword section calls for personal responsibility in using this gift to orchestrate change in government rather than voice complaints. Actual campaign photos illustrate her handouts and events. Checklists help organize the planning process while questions at the end of chapters challenge a candidate's motivation. An appendix includes three speeches Walsh presented for various occasions.

At a time in American history when fingers are being pointed at both parties, accusing government officials and belittling candidates, Run is a breath of fresh air that harkens back to the pride Americans first felt for their country. Every concerned American would benefit from reading a copy.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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