by Saniyah Chisti

"Was I meant to break up with Leo only for him to provoke me into my destiny?"

Elizabeth Lawrence has an eye for beauty products and fashion accessories. Her boyfriend Leo has an eye for other women. He likes them slim, big-breasted, and famous. He suddenly dumps Elizabeth for such a woman—an Instagram model and social media influencer. Elizabeth is the plus-size offspring of biracial parents. She eventually stops moping and decides that these sources of her insecurity are actually her greatest assets. She, too, becomes a social media influencer. Her YouTube channel about beauty tips and healthy eating garners thousands of likes on its first night and soon attracts the attention of S413, a multimillion-dollar cosmetics company, and the irresistible Shaun Presley. As she establishes herself in her new reality, she discovers that makeup is not the only tool S413's owners use to create illusions. Can Elizabeth's newfound Islamic faith sustain her as her dream world collapses?

This novel is based on what the author learned during a compulsory religious studies class. It presents various core teachings from both Islam and Christianity, without suggesting that either is the superior religion. Chisti writes in the voice of a tech-savvy millennial, comfortable using multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Women in their early twenties might identify with Elizabeth's feelings of inadequacy in matters of body image. One male character states that men of a similar age often feel this way, too, which female audiences may also find reassuring. A helpful glossary of Muslim terms and a comprehensive index end the book, providing additional details about essential characters and concepts.

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