Satan Has Fallen Under My Feet Forever

by Judy Browne

"…when we know the Enemy (Satan) and his strategies…we can fight him and win. Satan has power, but his power is limited."

Having prayerfully and thoroughly studied her topic, Browne has assembled information about the use of colors and numbers in the Bible and how these manifest in occult-controlled churches. The author attests that the Holy Spirit commissioned her to write this book warning of spirit worship, using certain colors to honor Satan. According to Browne, Satanists prefer the colors of black, red, or white.
A believer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth since fourteen, the author tells her personal story of how evil gained a foothold over her life while she was still in her mother’s womb. Ill during the pregnancy, her mother unwittingly went for prayer to a church where Satanists practiced. Later, the author’s own involvement in the sexual sin of fornication allowed others to control and threaten her life through evil covenants.

For the past decades, Browne’s ministry has been to warn of increased Satanic activity in churches during what the Bible calls the “last days” before the return of Jesus Christ to earth. This book includes a list of locations worldwide, many near large bodies of water, where the unholy worship of evil spirits takes place. Another eye-opening section covers what major world religions believe.

The 266-page book could have benefited from an overall edit to better arrange Browne’s testimony chronologically and remove duplicate statements. Clearly, the original content was delivered to different audiences on various occasions. The reader will find information provided in this book helpful, whether trying to understand the significance of Biblical passages or the nightly news. If any of this seems like science fiction, fantasy, or the ranting of a neurotic, rest assured that the book is the passionate plea of a dedicated Christian with first-hand knowledge of the subject.

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