Satan's World
by Wayne Hill

"Some days Satan would be angrier than usual and Jesus would let me know today I needed to be extra cautious."

In a mysterious and horrifying series of events, the author of this book recalls his tale of being possessed and harassed by demons under the employ of Satan who are determined to make his life a living nightmare or end it swiftly. Experiencing a wide array of maladies such as a scraping pain within his heart, conversations with unseen creatures, and visions of death and horror, he begins to lose sleep and struggles to function on a daily basis. Eventually, heavenly forces intervene, and he is able to converse with the presence of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and even receive guidance from trusted friends. To his dismay, Satan and his demonic minions can also perform similar communications with the author, even going so far as to disguise themselves as the holy influences battling to save his soul.

Choosing to fight without almost any human intervention for risk of being viewed as crazy, he can only battle the forces of evil through a constant state of alertness and a series of prayers that he is taught to reduce the potency of Satan’s power. The only friend he trusts is Crystal, who has exhibited psychic abilities and can detect the demon’s presence as well as communicate with Hill to motivate him during attacks. Eventually, he seeks out the help of the Catholic Church to perform an exorcism, only to encounter corruption and a disregard for Christ’s teachings. Left with only his wits and the boons of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the author reveals in each chapter his struggles and deceptive conversations as the demons remain set in torturing and killing their target.

For those without an inclination toward the spiritual or the supernatural, this might come off simply as an interesting piece of first-person-narrated fiction. However, to the author, these occurrences were all too real. The details and events told in this book are related to the best of his recollection; and so conversations with demons may not be word-for-word, but the terrifying message still gets through. As such, the threats of the demons and the strength of their power relayed by Hill are not to be taken lightly and should inspire readers to take precautions necessary to defend themselves from such an unthinkable fate.

As the author states in the book’s introduction, once readers hear what he has to say, their outlook on the nature of life and the unseen forces that control it are forever changed. There are also plenty of interesting details that reach the reader through the messages given to the author by both sides of this spiritual conflict. Though the factuality of anything said by a demon must certainly be called into question, there are plenty of truly eye-opening revelations about the origins and nature of human life as well as the existence of demons and their purpose in the world. It will not take an interest in the Bible, the occult, or a spiritual disposition to find topics of interest in this autobiographical story—only an open mind to take in the fantastic nature of the author’s ordeal and consider the possibilities of the life-changing implications he makes.

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