Saying Thanks and Beyond: Is Saying Thank You Enough?
by Ralph Mosgrove
PageTurner Press and Media

"Saying thank you is an opportunity to let someone know how much you really appreciated the person’s generosity and friendly act."

A retired pastor combines a paean to his departed wife with suggestions for various ways to show appreciation beyond the use of that common phrase, “Thank you.” He had been married for over 50 years when his wife fell and became disabled. She struggled to live as independent and as dedicated a life as possible, but her condition changed their lives radically. He began to notice strangers opening doors for her, and after considering these and other small but meaningful acts of kindness, he created this gentle guidebook to honor those who make special efforts to help and cheer others.

Mosgrove presents many examples of actions that embody the word “kindness”: noticing that an employee is struggling financially, a supervisor anonymously gives her some money, making her more cheerful and involved in her work; someone in a doctor’s waiting room offers to help with two small children so their mother can complete paperwork; a neighbor observes a couple living without electricity and asks if she can do anything for them. The author also examines the word “kindness”; doing kind deeds is a choice and can be rewarded by practical means like sending a note, making a phone call, or giving a little gift.

Mosgrove clearly recognizes that some people are moved by seeing others less able than themselves and reach out to assist them. Like the ripple effect in a pond, a simple helpful action that amplifies or goes beyond mere words can generate a sense of gratitude that will spread to others. With these convincing, thought-provoking examples, Mosgrove shares his sense that meekness is not weakness, that a disarming remark can offer comfort, and a smiling face is a gift in itself. This short volume can serve as an inspiration to be shared with others in everyday life or within a study group.

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