Scaredy the Scarecrow
by Michael Stuart
AuthorHouse UK

"When Farmer Fields pushed open the door, he was greeted with a huge chorus of ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.’"

Farmer Fields and his wife live on a farm filled with all sorts of adventures featuring an array of animals. There’s Stanley the bull, old and tired with large, broad shoulders and horns. There’s Penfield, the trusty carthorse, with his long bushy tail. Dewsbury and Clara, the pigs, have eighteen little piglets. Three cows (Daisy, Belle and Matilda) and more than thirty sheep and chickens also call the Fields’ farm home. And then, of course, there’s Scaredy the Scarecrow, all stuffed with straw and held together with string. With a body fashioned from an old, red plaid shirt, a head of painted cloth, a floppy black hat, and trousers with holes in the knees, Scaredy’s main job is to keep Barry and Brian, the cheeky black crows, from eating the newly-sown corn.

Through Stuart’s twenty brief stories of life on the farm—all illustrated with bright, inviting pictures—children will enjoy the various adventures in which Scaredy helps the elderly farming couple, as well as the assortment of animals, in daily farm life. This gentle and fun book will impart to young readers lessons of working together to creatively solve problems, the value of hard work paying off, and pure fun, as experienced by all—large and small—who contribute to Farmer Fields’ farm family. Whether raising money for charity through a fair in which each animal runs an exciting activity for local children, Mrs. Fields’ delectable and award-winning treat-baking talents, the time the couple’s granddaughter Cindy comes to visit, or Farmer Fields receiving via mail an invitation from Buckingham Palace from the Queen herself in honor of all the good works he’s done, each story in Stuart’s book is exciting and colorful and paints pictures of life on the farm which are sure to please any young child.

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