School Wasn't Always Awesome
by Dr. Justin Treisch

"On a positive note, it certainly did get Michael excited about summer."

Michael is a young boy who struggles in school. He is not lazy or refusing to learn. He does have an attention deficit and finds school utterly boring, but this is because no teacher properly understands him or desires to discover the most effective method to teach him. There are so many other children, and because his mind is always wandering, they ignore him. It is only when he comes into contact with a teacher who wants to use every educational tool at his disposal that school becomes engaging. A single teacher can make an impact and cause learning to be fun.

As this book poignantly illustrates, so many children fall through the cracks in school. We are all required to obtain a complete education, yet many don't possess the skills needed to receive it. Much of the academic experience centers around a child's connection with a teacher and that educator's ability to spark an interest. On paper, this seems so simple and obvious. Yet this simple exchange of ideas can often prove elusive.

This book provides a powerful and simple message. One teacher can plant the seed, and it will eventually bloom into a lifelong love for learning. In this story, it transforms a boy who was anxious at the start of each school year into a man who eventually becomes a teacher. The author deftly points out the importance that student motivation and relationship-building have on classroom success. Treisch's work could also be a quick daily reminder for classroom educators about how children may process their lessons. It is a wonderful tool to help both the student and the teacher cultivate communication skills in today's changing world.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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