Scritti is Witty
by Cormac G. McDermott
Trafford Publishing

"ANGEL: 'You don't like him, do you?'! JON: 'No, I don't. If the Titanic was condemned to hell on Groundhog Day, it wouldn't go down as often!'"

This book contains a multitude of short, humorous vignettes and situational anecdotes. The pieces take the form of a script and are presented as short conversations between two or more people. The setting is Dublin, Ireland, based on the prevalent accent in the dialogues and the names of the characters. The conversations are varied and take place in various spots, such as a bar, a couple's living room, or on the street. The exchanges between the characters are easy to follow and usually have some kind of a joke or a humorous ending. The people in the vignettes come from all walks of life, for example, housewives, guys in a pub having a beer, neighbors on the street, young men in a band, or men watching a game in a park, and they for the most part one of us, one of the regular people that make the world go round.

Some examples of note include a scene from the office, where two girlfriends, Jacqui and Aine, are interested in the new employee, a handsome Dutch guy, and they leave their table repeatedly to check him out. Or, for example, a scene from a restaurant, where a couple called Cathy and James are having a meal of duck, and Cathy compares the duck to her doctor, referring to his as a "quack." This is a good read for people who enjoy random jokes, situational comedy, and humor in general. This volume might benefit from the inclusion of pictures with the text.

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