by Jan Widgery
Mystery Bay Press

"Is it only because I'm littler and easier to pick up that you took me instead of Nan?"

Chris spent a lifetime constantly changing names and moving from town to town with the only family she had left. Now as an adult, she's left with too many questions and not nearly enough answers. After a childhood spent on the run with a father, actually kidnapped by her father, and the ensuing life of lies, she has lost herself, but the desire to know has never left, and when the woman who she spent the last of her teen years with dies, Chris begins the search with the help of a new friend.

Written in both first person present and third person past, this story delivers an interesting mix between the girl she was and the woman she has become. No doubt, it is not an easy read. The emotion and rawness of the tale are at times heart wrenching. Obviously Chris has walked a rocky road. In fact, she cannot get off the road, the habitual nature of life on the run is difficult for her to shake.

Although some readers may find elements of the story troubling and downright unspeakable, they play a crucial role in understanding why her search is so important. She won't let anything stand in her way... not even the chance for love, genuine family, and hope.

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