Searching... A Peek into the Invisible World of Energy and Healing
by Donna Linn and Suzan J. Wells
Balboa Press

"It is not possible to change others; however, by changing ourselves, the world around us changes."

Few books are as persistently tenacious and enchantingly informative as this one. Part travel guide and part almanac, the text immerses the reader in the ever-expanding world of spiritualism. After presenting brief summaries of the authors' own journeys, the book quickly showcases an impressive series of resources, terms, and methods related to the subject. The goal seems to be to create a single insightful volume on rejuvenating, rumination, energy, and homeopathic medicines, gifting the reader with the implements needed to receive and send positive energy. In turn, the teachings are designed to help readers prosperously utilize all the innovative modalities outlined, providing the tools the authors deem indispensable to heal a troubled world. Some concepts, such as channeling self-awareness, accessing the super consciousness, and reiki, could be seen as unconventional to a skeptical mind. But, the authors contend that there are many benefits from practicing these, as the book masterfully explains.

To the credit of the authors, you never see a tone of condescension or self-censorship in the text. It is mentioned early in the book that the landscape of spiritual rejuvenating has dramatically changed. The authors waste no time in extending a welcoming hand, leading the reader along this compelling experience of self-revelation. Many chapters feature guest writers who share important methods with the reader. Maintaining all the best qualities of faith-based healers and teachers, the authors have successfully created a book with no limitations. This book allows readers to peer into the massive unseen worlds of energy and rejuvenation. Ambitious, modest, and engaging, this book could potentially be a refreshing balm to a troubled world.

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