Second Harvest
by Don Agey

"The truth is out there, but it is becoming so hard to find."

Like American jazz, poetry is known for its unexpected nature and sharp movements. In this compelling book of poetry, that characterization is maintained. It is sweeping, quick, splendid, and topical. Addressing positive thinking, the quest for truth, and even retirement, this great poetic tapestry weaves together several of life's defining themes. However, the stark complexities that other poets might use are missing with this more earnest and light approach, making for a refreshing change and one that could invite more readers to this author in the future.

Poetry, like all literature, has constraints; it ebbs and flows with each stanza. This may turn off some readers who merely enjoy the facts of nonfiction or the imaginative situations of fiction. To combat the view that poetry has no concrete structure or themes, the author provides commentary on each poem, placing his thoughts on the right-hand page and the poem on the left. These musings are just as earnest and illuminating as the various limericks and verses. Something like this direct inclusion is quite revolutionary. Practically two books in one, the poetry and the author speak to the reader, holding court over the various concepts of each page.

The visual experiences the author's prose conjures up are also illuminating. There is clear passion in the tones and subject range. The outline of the poems feels like a textural melody of different methods and forms. Every manner of poetic discipline is present, from the ancient limerick to the limitless free form. This is not just a collection of poems; it is a kaleidoscope of poetry's possibilities.

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