The Secrets and Operations of God
by Olugbenga Adesokan
Trafford Publishing

"LOVE IS THE DOUBLE DIGIT to unraveling the secrets of God."

The travels through the secrets that God reveals and how God operates takes the reader of this religious book into the depths of Biblical belief. The sixteen chapters explore topics common to Biblical sentiments: praise, service, obedience, and the Holy Spirit. It also explores forgiveness, holiness, prayer and fasting, faith/hope/love, and a personal relationship with God. While this personal book mentions the author's ordeals, he focuses not on his issues but the overall benefit and healing that takes place for all who follow the Biblical Christian path. It is a theistic, fundamentalist, and literalist take on the word of God, and the author believes that the Bible was written by God and must be followed on one's spiritual journey. Hence, there are numerous Biblical quotations throughout the reading.

This is a personal book by the author who notes that others' helped him to turn his life around by finding God, but this is minimally addressed so does not distract from the theology of his writing. Based on fall/redemption theology, the author's use of the quotations enhances his writing. The chapters are easily read and well developed as they are categorized regarding the topics. The Biblical quotes verify the patriarchal system of the "Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit." In this theology, Jesus is seen as the Son and that one can only get to God through his Son and the Bible. The book is well-written and could be a handy companion guide to reading the Bible for those on a traditional Christian path. While the author significantly quotes the Bible, it is unknown which Bible this is as there is no documentation. But in the end, the author does a thorough job of presenting his theological belief system.

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