Secrets of the Heart
by Michael Vincent Dlask

"Being slow isn’t a bad thing as long as you do the right thing
Knowing that the quicker you are, the more mistakes are made"

The author of this book puts together over fifty poems in this collection, arranged alphabetically by a single word that serves as inspiration and subject matter. Written to explore feelings and give them a place to be openly expressed, readers will find poems about the power of family, keeping a healthy perspective on life, and overcoming adversity both internal and external. A great emphasis is placed on the unseen: thoughts or feelings that people routinely try to hide but that all experience at some point or another. This book of poetry is meant to be a companion for readers, through good times and bad, to remind them that someone else out there has felt what they are feeling, and that they are not alone in the world.
Each poem of this collection is a single page, perfect for daily or weekly reflection and inspiration. The uplifting nature of the author’s style, even when discussing low points or hard times, keeps the read positive and accessible. The author’s style is structured but loose, letting each poem have a distinct cadence and rhythm that separates it from the rest. At times there are recollections of specific moments in the writer’s past that can be unsettling to read about, but they are included to help the audience understand his perspective and share an experience similar to what others have felt. For the most part, this collection of poetry is written in order to help people connect and be reassured that other people have gone through or are going through the same things as them. It can serve as a companion, teacher, or friend, and can be spread out to enjoy over a long period of time, or just a single afternoon of enjoying one man’s poetry.

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