Serendipity: Seeing Through Words

by Karla Durrington-Rojo

"And the night will continue to hold onto your dreams
 of a beautiful tomorrow."

The author has long known the power of her words. She has used her talent as a poetry writer for over forty years to change her own life for the better. Now in published format, Durrington-Rojo shares twenty-nine of her insightful works which are a joy to read and pass along to others. The poet’s talent for seeing with words recreates her experiences in order for readers to participate as well. Sample poems include: “Where has the day gone?” written forty years ago and just as true today; “Thoughts from a summer night” with the rich imagery of gum trees standing like purple soldiers near rolling hills of brown native grasses; with “Castle” recalling a tour across the causeway and into the crowded stone courtyard of Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland.
What makes the author’s poetry a delight to read is the artistic way she paints a picture feast for the senses. She has mastered how to capture the evocative feel, smells, sights, and sounds within a slice of time. Where some poets might concentrate on alliteration, Durrington-Rojo focuses on the smell of smoke filtering through the bush, or the sounds of gurgling breath in a hospital juxtaposed against clean white sheets. The poet does a commendable job of tracking meter for short stanzas, especially when a sentence begins on one line and ends several lines later. This complexity may have contributed to confusion regarding verb agreement with plural or singular nouns. To accompany the sparkling poems, Serendipity is illustrated with thought-provoking photos. The globe on the book’s cover has two different horizons when viewed right side and upside down.

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