Seven Souls
by Mary Johnson
Trafford Publishing

"Timeā€”the culprit, the mastermind of life and its evolution. Too much of her or too little of her drives a man to his despair."

Time, a concept that to some people is very linear isn't all that it appears to be for Patience Keller. After waking up from being in a coma for seventeen years, Patience struggles to step back into a life she doesn't remember, to be a person she has seemingly lost. During her plight to find her lost identity, she finds herself in a time-altered vortex of sorts that tugs at her soul leading her to a book called Seven Souls. She quickly realizes she is part of this tale and is predestined to save "time" and the rest of the world only to discover no one believes her. To the rest of the world Patience is simply a disillusioned woman with a mental illness struggling to make sense of the time she lost while she was in her coma. As she tries desperately to maintain her sense of self, she clings to the unconditional love of her husband, the intrigue of her psychotherapist, and Michael Rimmel the man who guides her along her crazed journey to fulfill her ultimate destiny.

Seven Souls is a new-age thriller that takes readers on a wild ride through a series of unsuspecting twists and turns. Johnson has done a magnificent job of creating a storyline that is interesting and suspenseful with fully developed characters to match. This high-intensity page-turner is complex, intriguing, and may leave readers wanting more as some of the transition points in the story are succinct, leaving plenty of room for interpretation. Overall Seven Souls is a great book that will certainly have readers guessing until the very last page leaving the nagging question of whether the existence of an alternate reality is simply fiction or a true possibility.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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