Sex: Baddest Sin or Goodest Pleasure
by Ron Vieselmeyer
LitFire Publishing

"Just as it is God’s plan for bride and groom to become one, so it is that the spiritual Bridegroom (Christ) becomes one with us, the Bride (Church)."

In a work that could be viewed as controversial, Vieselmeyer—a conservative Christian—is not afraid to passionately make the strong case that healthy sexual relations only exist within the context of what he calls “natural marriage.” By this, he means marriage between a married man and woman. He argues that sexual activity itself is, of course, not bad, but that the God of the Bible has intended it be performed only between a married, opposite-sex couple—and only after marriage, barring the use of any pornography, substance abuse, deceit, etc. Sexual relations, in fact, are a blessing our Creator has bestowed upon the world, Vieselmeyer writes. Under the main theme of sex, and in the context of a range of healthy and unhealthy situations, the book is divided into numerous chapters, focusing on such aspects as pregnancy outside of marriage, sexual orientation, abortion, rape, pornography, prostitution, incest, polygamy, and the like.

While some might not appreciate the book’s constant attack against homosexuality, Vieselmeyer is unashamedly coming at the subject from an ultra-conservative and Bible-based orthodoxy. He strongly rebukes what he calls the “radical left and progressives,” but for readers who are sympathetic to views on the cultural values most often associated with the religious right, Vieselmeyer is indeed a kindred spirit. Perhaps more importantly, he wishes to encourage healthy, mutually-beneficial love and intimacy between married Christian men and women and makes the case that such love is considered by God a good and holy commandment. Vieselmeyer is consistent in his message that through a loving, Christian marriage, both husband and wife are, in fact, simultaneously expressing their love, in the strongest sense, for God himself.

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