She Didn't Have a Choice: A Romantic Thriller
by Harshul Srivastava

"Her field of work was not something she took lightly: being involved in youth and community engagement meant everything for her, and something she worked hard to become while in college."

In this 139-page romantic mystery, Audrey, a youth mentor, becomes involved in finding out what happened regarding the disappearance of Lindsay, one of her kids. Instead of leaving this terrible situation up to the police, she becomes over-involved in trying to rescue Lindsay by talking to the friends and family of the missing girl. With the information she gathers, she foolishly sets out to find a biker gang known as The Road Brotherhood and enlists their help. Because the bikers have conflicts with The War Horses (a rival gang), they decide to help Audrey. With her naivety and poor boundaries, she trusts the gang and its leader, Marcus, to help with rescuing Lindsey from The War Horses. But will they really help or are they involved with human trafficking? Will Audrey come out of this alive?

The novel is an easy read with a simple plot line. The characters, especially Audrey and Marcus, show an interesting relationship between the goodness and naivety of Audrey with that of the darker, baser instincts of Marcus. The seminal question of the book is this: can she trust a biker gang to help her find Lindsay? The exploration of biker gangs and their violence as well as their involvement in the drug trade, prostitution, and human trafficking offers a scary look into the reality of these trades as well as the terrifying realities of gang wars and murders. The ending offers an unexpected surprise which adds to the interest in the relationship between Audrey and Marcus.

The book is one that can keep the reader engaged, especially for those who enjoy light reading. Although the dialogue is occasionally stilted, overall it is appropriate and engaging. For a light summer read, this novel truly is a romantic thriller.

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