Shock Wave 2: The Book of Vallora
by Florian Louisoder

"We see time as this big thing that spans eternity and we forget to appreciate and value the moment."

In this second book in the author’s series, time travelers Scott and Linda DeSantis return from Atlantis to their own time; however, the world they find is a much different place than the one they left. History has rendered an alternate reality in which America, defeated by Germany in the Second World War, is now a totalitarian nation. Technology is used to keep watch and exert control over the American public. For Scott and Linda, this new world in which they have arrived, one in which their own children are unrecognizable to them, is one of danger. They are immediately hunted by old enemies who are now in power and find themselves trying to escape to safety, all while being under surveillance by this new and frightening government. The two have one goal: to stay alive long enough for the secrets held in the Book of Vallora to lead them back to their real home.

This continuation of a time travel story is an action-packed romp in which the protagonists are constantly on the run from a totalitarian state which has the technical capabilities to follow them in real time. Louisoder’s second offering is a sci-fi thriller that will keep readers engaged as the heroes work to return the world back to what they remember. Using the character of Rose, a history teacher, the author presents an alternative history of America after having lost World War II. This fascinating imagining of a much different world lends itself to the philosophical aspect of the book in which one is to imagine how easily a single act could change the path of the future. This is a fascinating read for those who enjoy books that push the bounds of reality.

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