The Silent Reality
by Chance Hansen
Trafford Publishing

"If the wind could carry this letter, I would have sent it weeks ago... take care my love, I will never forget you."

Why does the truth of life, despite being in plain sight, go unspoken? Why is achieving peace of mind so difficult, and often a lifelong endeavor? These are just a few of the questions that Chance Hansen addresses through his poetry and rhythmic stories that form The Silent Reality. Hansen has poured his heart and soul into the forty-plus poems and short stores of the compilation. He offers unique perspective as he delves into numerous thought-provoking discussions pertaining to the past, love lost, abuse, human spirit, and more. From suicide, smoking and divorce to teen pregnancy, disease, and poverty, Hansen highlights the different forms of darkness with astute detail and vivid imagery. Although Hansen's words are distinctly dark and brimming with remorse, his message is clear: enlighten yourself and understand that there is more to life than stress and trouble. In fact, if one read beyond the pain and suffering in many of Hansen's poems, he or she will notice the author's hopeful tone, especially in the poem, "A Life to Live." This poem alone is an ode to life as it emphasizes the need to forget hate, embrace love, be understanding, respectful, peaceful, and ever-eager to learn something new each day. Poems that the audience will surely appreciate include "Thinking Back," "Like a Butterfly," "Crystal Bowl," and “"Forever Loved." Spine-chilling metaphors and eye-opening episodes will force the audience to re-examine the path they tread with the hope that trivial matters can be set aside for more important matters. Ultimately, The Silent Reality is a compilation that gives many of the suppressed a voice. It is a must read book that enlightens to the end.

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