Simply Amazing
by K. C. Armstrong

"The difference between a common person and a truly amazing one is in learning, growing, accepting, and changing what we can."

In this work of twelve stories, Armstrong's book begins with a foreword by David Arquette and then a prologue in which the author discusses the need for story as he interviews twelve extraordinary people on his radio show. The introduction discusses the author’s story of college and football at Western Kentucky, working for Howard Stern, getting fired, becoming homeless, drinking heavily, and being on the verge of death. He then talks about getting his life together and developing his radio program as the CEO of WMAP Radio (“World’s Most Amazing People”). In the twelve interviews, he relates with his interviewees about the trauma they have all gone through and the healing that has taken place through their connections with hope and love which have transcended the positive outcomes of businesses and their personal lives.

These stories provide the reader with a variety of tales of growth and transformation, often with a focus on the power of love, faith, and God. All of the stories express the essence of a higher consciousness of acceptance and strength. From the concentration camp survivor to the woman who survived child abuse and mental illness and from the woman who attempted suicide to the man who survived growing up in the projects with drugs and violence, each story is an uplifting message of spirit and soul. With the author’s own struggles and his movement from surviving to thriving, he knows how to relate professionally and personally with these people. Similar to volumes in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series but told in interview style, this book may become a major player in the self-help genre.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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