Six Old Crows
by J. P. Martin
Trafford Publishing

"The train whistle blew, signaling their arrival at Grand Central Station in New York City. All five of the young men were duly impressed. Everyone who arrives at Grand Central Station for the first time is."

The story charts the journey of six young friends who are trying to make their way in life by travelling to New York City and getting good jobs. Beginning with three young men arriving in Des Moines, Iowa, they stay in the local YMCA for the exchange of doing some painting to pay their way, and they talk about their plans to make it big in NY City. After some adventures in Des Moines, they continue by train to New York where they meet more friends on their way to achieve success. All of them eventually end up renting a house together in the Big Apple and getting established because of the skill set that each of them has. Along the way, the friends also meet various ladies in Des Moines and New York and develop relationships.

The story flows well, and the point of view is omniscient, providing a narrator that talks about the adventures of the six friends. The cover is attractive, with six crows sitting on the wooden fence. The tone of the book is lighthearted and sometimes funny as the friends go through all their adventures. At times, the story lacks sufficient conflict and a believable plot to sustain the reader, and some scenarios feel dated. However, all in all, a straightforward, easy-to-read book that both young and old alike would enjoy.

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