Sky and Earth Cielo y Tierra: Poems~Poemas
by Christina Watkins

"It comes now in the wind
fresh, moving the grasses
spreading seeds and unsettling earth
to give them cover."

Gently written and delicately flowing, Watkins' poetry speaks in both English and Spanish on facing pages. The poems are written in free verse with excellent rhythm and compelling structure, whether you enjoy them in English, Spanish, or both. The book is broken into three sections, divided by lovely black and white illustrations that lead the way to the new set of poems. Each poem connects the reader with nature and, often lightly, with a sense of something bigger through dance, motherhood, and a subtle religious tone.

Watkins manages to breathe new life into the seemingly mundane, helping the reader visualize new context and purpose. For instance, in one poem, angry words bring winter and turn green into grey, resulting in a need to speak with love. As a result, the poems can be quite compelling, allowing the reader to dig deeper into themselves and the world around them.

This collection of poetry is transcendent and worth not only a read but also a reread, allowing readers to probe into their personal experiences as well as the environment in which they live. Lyrical and pensive, this book warrants an examination of life, the world, and religion, in a quiet and unassuming but powerful way. Readers who enjoy nature, dancing, and graceful prose will revel in the journey. With Spanish and English presented side-by-side, this collection has broad appeal and a beautiful rhythm that makes each poem even more compelling when read in sequence. In summary, Watkins has composed poems that softly demand notice and deliver a lovely journey for those who read them.

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